Supply Service in Connecticut

TransCanada Power Marketing Ltd. (“TransCanada”) provides electrical supply service to large commercial and industrial customers in Connecticut with aggregate peak demand of at least 250kW. TransCanada will adapt and accommodate price and service proposals specific to the needs and usage patterns of each specific customer. TransCanada does not offer standard generally-available price packages or renewable power products.

TransCanada first received its Connecticut retail electric supplier license in June 2002 (Connecticut Department of Utility Control (DPUC) docket No. 02-04-05). The DPUC last renewed TransCanada’s license in January 2008 (DPUC docket no. 02-04-05RE01). The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (the successor agency to the DPUC) can be reached at 1-860-827-1553 or

Current and prospective customers can reach TransCanada's customer service at 1.877.MEGAWAT (634.2928).

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